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Outdoor Therapeutic Program

There are a myriad of risk factors associated with behavior disorders in today's youth; shy, aggressive, impulsive personality traits, chaotic family environments, poor academic performance, deviate peer influences. All these can lead to drug involvement and other abuse problems. Today's teens are under tremendous pressure to excel both academically and socially. Problems begin to arise when these pressures become overwhelming and teens try to cope with self-defeating behaviors. Frequently these struggles spiral out of control and judgment become impaired rendering them incapable of comprehending the consequences of their choices. With low self-esteem and no clear ideas of what the future holds for them, many teens fail to adjust and reach the potential their young lives hold.

The 12 month program at Ridge Creek School teaches students how to examine all options before making life decisions. The fully integrated developmental phases instill personal values along with a positive self image to produce socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically well-rounded individuals. The program's phases build self esteem with defined social and group dynamic skills.

Ridge Creek School offers boys ages thirteen to eighteen struggling with understanding the consequences of their actions the opportunity of self-discovery. These adolescents find their strengths to build and establish a new life with goals and objectives. They will move out of their negative environment into a new challenging experience within the simplicity of nature. With a combination of counseling, therapy, academics, and outdoor activities, a sense of purpose will be individually discovered and developed.

The program has a powerful outdoor therapeutic component. It provides an opportunity for adolescents to think without being mired in the distractions and traps that ordinarily surround them. The goals are to help them consider positive things they can do to eliminate self-destructive behaviors, and to develop confidence, self-esteem, and leadership skills that will help them succeed throughout their lives.

We challenge students with activities that stretch their perceived limits of physical endurance, and take students out of their comfort zones through courses in field skills, mountaineering, map-reading, land navigation, physical fitness and environmental science, as well as leadership and medical training, to include First Aid and CPR. Students will utilize the on campus climbing tower, high and low ropes course, as well as participate in off campus weekend activities in the adjacent National Forest. Through these challenges, we develop team work and camaraderie among the students, an enhanced self-concept, and foster individual leadership skills.

Ridge Creek Students will routinely depart the main campus with counselors and wilderness trained staff and be immersed in the Outdoor therapeutic component of the program. This combines intensive cognitive-based therapeutic work with adventure activities including: rock climbing, canoeing, land navigation, rappelling, mountaineering, caving, first aid and CPR training, etc.

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Through these challenges, we develop team work and camaraderie among the students, enhance self-concept, and foster individual leadership skills. At the end of each activity the students have an innate sense of accomplishment. Students learn personal responsibility and earn a sense of achievement, with a desire to make an effort to improve their lives.

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